Masayo Salad

Spring is all around in Basel – I heard from my coworkers that it was 80 degrees in Boston?  Insanity!  Here we’ve had wonderful spring with flowers blooming everywhere and great running weather. I’ve also been lucky to have some of my favorite people spend extended amounts of time in der Schweiz.  Last week, a good friend from college, Nat, coincided with a large Basel football game. Sausage and beer?  Yes please!  This is us in Barfuserplatz – the main square in Basel with lots and lots of people.


Prior to Nat’s visit, my mom provided a lot of Japanese inspired loving in my belly.  One of my favorite salads she made was a red cabbage aesthetically beautiful and scrumptiously nutritious salad. Although I will never be able to perfect my mom’s knife skills of slicing cabbage so thinly and delicately (primarily I lack a lot of patience…), I was missing her and loved the salad so went ahead and replicated it for my lunch….and dinner.  YUM.



– Red cabbage (thinly sliced)

– Wakame (seaweed salad – buy at most Asian stores or Japan…I have dried wakame that I soak in water for 10min and ta da!)

– Carrots (thinly sliced)

– Avocado (cubed)

– Cucumber (chopped)

Dressing (guestimates so taste!)

– 1 tsp of sugar

– 1 tsp of cayenne

– 1 tbsp of sesame oil

– 3 tbsp of rice wine vinegar

– Handful of sesame seeds

– 2 tbsp of ground sesame or white miso (depending on which you like/have)

– 1 tbsp of soy sauce

ImageNoms – get your butt over here so we can consume large amounts of food and vino together.  So pumped.

2 thoughts on “Masayo Salad

  1. Gah! This looks so good. Thank you especially for the salad dressing recipe, which sounds like it will go wonderfully on everything. I wish I’d seen it before I made our salad last night, which was avocado and cucumber with gomashio and Shichimi Togarashi.

  2. Looks really yummy- and the photo looks like it was taken in some great natural light in your Swiss apartment. So key for happiness.

    Your mom is a great cook so of course I trust her (and you) implicitly. Will try this soon!

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