Softshell Crab Po’ Boys


Well, the first thing I must acknowledge is my unfortunate absence from our lovely blog. A weekend in LA in celebration of a certain contributor was a great reminder (not that I needed one) of all the super awesome ladies in my life and how much I love staying connected!

Second acknowledgement, and this is a tough one as I would really like to leave you all in the dark about it, is that this isn’t exactly… technically… really… my recipe. It is in fact a Chris invention for which I must give him full credit. (You can all start drooling now.) It made an oh-so-lovely spring time date night dinner and is one we’ll definitely be revisiting! (Hopefully soon!)

I must admit I was a little intimidated by the aioli at first, but Chris made it look super easy and the NYT subsequently published an article about it: Apparently the trick is a bit of water.

Without further a do, I bring you the soft shell crab po’ boy:


2 softshell crabs

A bunch of flour

Paprika (meh, a teaspoon or two)

Salt + pepper


1 egg yolk

1 cup olive oil

clove garlic

Lime wedges (optional)

For the crab: When you buy it ask the fish monger to clean to crabs. Mix the flour together with the paprika, salt and pepper on a plate. Heat the butter until its melted in a skillet. Coat the crab all over with the flour mixture – you can just put it right in, no egg or anything else necessary. Fry the crabs on both sides for ~2.5 minutes.


For the aioli: Pound the garlic with a pinch of salt using a mortar and pestle. Whisk the egg yolk with a 1/2 tsp water in a bowl. Dribble the oil in, a little at a time, whisking constantly. The mix will become thick, opaque and lighter in color. Be careful not to over-whisk as it can collapse.

For eatin’: Toast the baguette, smear with aioli, throw on the crab, sprinkle with lime, and go to town.

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