When you live with someone who loves meat, all kinds of meat, you end up with amazing stories. We have half a goat in our European fridge/freezer, which Naomi can attest is a quarter of the size of any standard American fridge/freezer.

Recipe to follow, but I this goat is 1.Free range; 2. Local; 3. Organic; and 4. Lived in a beautiful location. We had a leg of it on Sunday and it was amazingly tender and delicious.

Here I am with K artfully showcasing the meat how the goat most likely roamed on Friday.



3 thoughts on “Goat

  1. Is my morning vision blurry or did you guys set those packages up anatomically for the photo? Very cute. And how did you fit ANY of those packages into the freezer?!
    Looks yummy. Please post some recipes!

  2. of course they are anatomically correct. K laid them out. What do you expect Ms. Naomi?!?! Luckily, our vegetable drawer is back to being a vegetable drawer after last night’s consumption of the leg with some friends. Recipe to follow shortly.

  3. This is great. Roasted leg of goat. I will be eager to see the recipe too since back in my days as a meat eater, I did have curried goat in the Caribbean, but it produced a ton of oil. Sounds exciting! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks.

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