Goat Recipes!

Thanks Cat for your lovely post recapping our wedding!   After a month in the States, an amazing wedding in Wonalancet, NH and a glorious honeymoon in Greece, I am slowly returning to our daily rhythm in Basel.  We are still glowing from all the outpouring of love and support from our wedding as well as perhaps the strong sun in Greece despite the multiple applications of sunscreen throughout the day.  I loved the food in Greece (more on that later including a 5L jug of olive oil), but for now, I am glad to be back cooking.   Tonight I used my own recipe of Dan Dan noodles from a few posts back and we ate on a muggy summer day, which has broken thanks to a thunder storm as we speak.

My *husband* (eeeeeek  – first time in ‘print’) looked through our blog recently and commented on the lack of meat wondering if he wasn’t in the picture, whether I would be subsisting on seaweed, noodles, brown rice, kale, and tofu.  He’s most likely right, but thanks to him, I get exposed to such adventurous cooking as the below.

Consequently, none of these are my recipes.  This is all K-man, meat-master himself.  The first is a goat leg with potato gratin, which we luckily enjoyed with friends, and the second is goat liver in a rosemary red-wine balsamic reduction. The latter I did not have the pleasure to sample as I was in the States already.  Measurements are unclear as usual.

Goat leg with Potato Gratin


– Red wine

– Crushed black pepper

– Cumin

– Mustard


– Mandolin potatoes

– Season with oil and rosemary


– Trim the goat leg of excess fat

– Insert five crushed gloves of garlic into the leg with slits

– Spread marinade over the leg three hours prior to roasting

– Prior to roasting, sprinkle with salt and rosemary and lay potatoes below so they get covered in the juices from the lamb

– Put at 400 degrees F to develop a crust for 10 min then turn down to 350 degrees F

Goat Liver in Rosemary Red-Wine Reduction


– 3 white onions

– Spring of rosemary and 1 bay leaf

– 1/4 cup Balsamic

– 1.5 cups Red wine

– Flour, butter, olive oil, and salt and pepper


– Caramelize onions in butter until browned

– Pour in red wine  and balsamic with spring of rosemary and one bay leaf

– Simmer until reduced

– In a separate pan, lightly dust liver with flour and sear in olive oil (be careful not to overcook) with salt and pepper to taste

– Pour sauce over liver



2 thoughts on “Goat Recipes!

  1. I love it! This looks incredible. And it also highly resembles the roasted leg of lamb recipe I grew up eating all the time in KY (and I used to love, before I went meatless). Tell Kileken to rest assured that we didn’t all, always eat just seaweed and brown rice 🙂

    So glad you all are back, and can’t wait to see pics from Greece! (And to hear more about the food, of course…)

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