Cheese Platter

Okay, continuing on the Holiday Cocktail Party menu train, here’s another recommendation. This is certainly not a recipe, but a great set of tips for making a nice cheese platter:

via Cupcakes & Cashmere

via Cupcakes & Cashmere

I didn’t completely follow the lead on this, as we didn’t have a hard cheese, but it’s still helpful. We stuck with Trader Joe’s water crackers, some dried cranberries for the “sweet” and some hazelnuts for the “crunchy.” We had a separate saucisson plate with mustard and olives, so we didn’t do any meat or savory on the platter either.

photo 5

For cheeses we went with a triple creme brie (soft); a chevre (soft) drizzled with honey, thyme, and olive oil; a Syrah soaked Toscano (semi-hard);  a marinated feta (throw some pepper flakes, fresh herbs, and olive oil on a block of sliced feta); and a blue (semi-soft), all from Trader Joe’s. Though typically I find cheese boards to be budget busters, with Trader Joe’s prices, it was relatively inexpensive (around $18) for all of those cheeses, and of course, couldn’t be easier or quicker to put together. Bon appetit!


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