Greek lovin’

Greece was wonderful primarily because the food was always so fresh and flavorful. Interestingly most restaurants had very similar menus, but we always stuck to seafood either grilled or fried. The octopus, squid, sardines and fish such as grouper were delicious especially finished off with fresh lemon and flavor-punching olive oil. The feta was also smoother and lighter. We spent most of our time on the beach in little taverns along the shore eating what was caught that day. Having gotten back, K made a Greek inspired dish with our new copper pan!

Olive oil
Basel (this would not be Greek but we had fresh Basel in the patio garden which we couldn’t resist)

1. Put everything on the dish
2. Drizzle olive oil
3. Cook at 200 degrees Celsius
4. Once out drizzle with fresh lemon

We made our own ravioli from scratch this past-weekend-so fun!!


One thought on “Greek lovin’

  1. Man oh man yum. I love octopus and sardines if they’re fresh. Too bad they’re not really available in landlocked TN 😦 This reminds me very much of the food from the Amalfi Coast in Italy too. We’ll be waiting for pics from Greece! xoxo

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